Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Have iOS4 features on your iPhone/iPod 2G

We all already know that people with iPhone/iPod 2G can't use iOS4 on their device,
Apple decided not to make it work cause this devices are slow and have less memory.
To the rescue there is a project named http://www.whited00r.com
The project have been updated on 1 August and lot of bugs have been solved and now its safe to upgrade your device.

This guys have taken iOS 3.1.3 and modified it by adding most of the features other people get in iOS4.
This mod is still missing the Folders option (you can use customize instead)
I also understood that applications that have been written for iOS 4 exclusivaly will not work on your modified iOS.
The "upgrade" is very easy and take only couple of min, and during the upgrade process your device is also being jailbreaked and unlocked.

Check out this movie to fully understand what you need to it.

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