Monday, August 09, 2010

Flash web sites on your iPhone / iPad

We all know that iPhones and iPad doesn't support flash web sites.
Today , there is a new software from Comex (the guy that developed the JailBreakMe application) named Frash.
The Software is still in Alpha mode and is still buggy, but it allow you to see flash content on your device.
The application is supported for now only on devices that have been jailbreaked and are:
- iPhone 3G (not sure it's fully working, as its CPU is slow)
- iPhone 3GS
- iPhone 4
- iPad

you will also need to run  iOS 4.0 and above.

There is a simple way to install it (please note its the version is not so stable) , just add the following source to your Cydia: 
After you add the source and all sources repository data is updated , just do a search in Cydia for Frash, install it and reboot your iPhone.

Open Safari web browser and check any web site with flash
Check this video

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