Friday, July 30, 2010

Secure web surfing from your iPhone / iPad

I just came across an application I didn't hear about, and I see its already out there for a while.
I am talking about a secure web browser from a company named TrendMicro (one of the big players in the antivirus and security field)

Taken from TrendMicro web site
"What is Trend Smart Surfing for the iPhone?
Trend Smart Surfing for Apple® iPhone™ and iPod touch® mobile devices is the first secure browser for these devices to protect users from Web threats. Smart Surfing queries Trend Micro’s industry-leading in-the-cloud Web reputation service. Access to a URL with a dangerous rating is blocked to prevent potential Web threats such as a phishing site or the download of a malicious file."

Seems that trying to secure our surfing is becoming more crucial , as more and more iPhones are now days being connected to companies network (email, vpn and alike) and surfing to all the malicious web sites can pose another break into the iPhone and ultimately into companies network security.
To read more and try the application, check out this link (it's free and they also have it for iPad)

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