Saturday, July 31, 2010

Complete chart about JailBreaking and Unlocking your iPhone/iPod/iPad

I saw today on couple of sites that guys from a company named have posted a nice chart with some detailed guides that explain how to jailbreak (open the iPhone to work with apps that comes from Cydia and just running IPA files) and how to unlock (allow the phone to work with all cell operators) for all the iPhone/iPod/iPad out there

Its real worth adding this site to sites already monitor and get all the data organizer in one place , I hope the next level from them will be also post to videos that explain how to do it (it's nicer, specially that all the jailbreak and unlock can be found on youtube today).

Looking on the fact that now in the US its LEGAL to jailbreak and unlock phones I see the cat&mouse is going to be more organized now and I assume that companies and not only "hackers" will start providing solutions to "free" your device - so this data in the chart is going to get bigger in the near future.

BTW, Apple reaction to the new LAW was that any device that will be  jailbreaked will not warranty any more.

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