Monday, July 19, 2010

Paste your phone number and dial - TIP

I wanted to share this small TIP with you, cause already two time the below has happened to me, and I was surprised its working ...
I assume most of you found yourself in some application (web site for example ) or even you wrote a number on Notes and now you want to dial this number - What now you ask ?
Most of the time the iPhone will know that the number you have is a phone number and when you tap it you will get a "Call" pop up menu you can choose to dial from.

For the times the number is not recognized as a phone number,
Simply tap on the number and hold for a second, iPhone will pop up a context menu for you to select and copy the number. now that you have copied the number, go to Phone application and pasre back the number and make the call.

Hope this is helpful.

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