Saturday, December 11, 2010

Find my iPhone or iPad for- free service

We all have been there at least once, yes that big moment that we understand that we are missing something very important, in the old days it was our home / car keys, then it was our laptop and today its our iPhone or iPad.
I just came from my friend house after spending more then 1 hour trying to help him find his iPhone (the phone was set to vibrate only).. after we spent 1 hour with no luck, my friend remembered he installed the "find my iPhone" service.
2 min after that we have been able to find his iPhone :)

Apple has decided to come to the help and "give away" freely their find my iPhone or iPad service.
With the new service (that off course you need to register first to use it) you can
  • Locate your iPhone or iPad and see it on a map on Apple web site (mobile me)
  • "Ask" your device to play a sound - even if the device is set on Vibrate
  • Send your device a message that will show on the screen , even if the screen is locked
  • Wipe your device remotely
  • Set a Pass code remotely
One request based on Apple web site, is that you have iOS 4.2 running on your device and off course have an iDevice with a built in GPS.

To see this working, check this video

Here is a step by step guide from Apple web site describing how to set this up.

Have a nice weekend,
Haim Chibotero
iPhone in Israel & more


  1. נהנתי לקרוא את הכתבה שלך, תודה על ההסבר המפורט
    קשה מאוד למצוא תוכנות שמתאימות מתוך ריבוי תוכנות AppStore.
    לחיפוש תוכנות בעברית או בשביל ישראל אני משתמשת ב
    באיזה אתר אתה משתמש?

  2. אני משתמשת ב-