Monday, September 06, 2010

Saving costs - Social buying groups.

This is another post that belongs to the more section of this blog, but this post can save you lot of money (for people that live in Israel).
There is a new trend of "social buying groups" that let you get amazing deals for 50% discounts and some time even a bigger discount on different products out there.
The products that are published belongs to different categories like:
  • Food
  • Spa and pleasure 
  • Presents and stuff for your home
  • Sports
  • etc.
I am aware about the following sites that are providing this great service, I warmly recommend to register and get their daily deal.
I already used this sites services for couple of time and it's real money saver.
The deals are usually open to 24/48 hours.
The copun you get is valid most of the time to 1/2 year or more, so there is no rush to use it.
For now most of the deals are in the center area, but I see the sites are starting to prepare sections that are dedicated to Jerusalem and Haifa.

Run and use it.
Haim Chibotero
iPhones in Israel & more

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