Friday, September 03, 2010

iOS 4.1 to fix slowness of iPhone 3G

It was written already all over that iOS 4.0 has made the owners of iPhone 3G to be very disappointed.
Every person that upgraded his iOS got stuck with a slow iPhone.
There have been also some workarounds (disabling some services) that allowed people to still be able to work with their iPhone.

Finally the new iOS 4.1 that should be released next week should also include a fix for this issue.
The iOS was already released to the developers as beta version (which most of the times is the same as the full release)

Below you can see a movie that shows a speed test between iPhone 3G with iOS4.0 to iPhone 3G with iOS4.1  --> seems Apple fixed the problem

I do hope that the unlock and jailbreak will come soon after 4.1 will be released so everyone can enjoy this update and fix up.

Enjoy your weekend
Haim Chibotero
iPhones in Israel & more

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