Friday, September 24, 2010

First iPhone Israeli event

Hi all,
I just got an invite to a free first iPhone Israeli event that will take place in Ra'anana in Amdocs area.
The event will be running between 6-7 October.
This is happening in parallel to the release of iPhone 4 in Israel - happening today the 24 Sep. 2010.
I assume till the event will start there will already be feedbacks on the new iPhone (specially about the problems that have been published worldwide - cell receptions , problems taking pictures and alike)

In the event you can hear lot of lectures on a varied topics for developers, regular users and power users.
I am sure you will also love to share ideas and favourite programs and tools you use.
To register and find more details on the event you can find here

Please note that if you would like to also hear different lectures you also need to register to the specific lecture in this link

Hope to see you there.
Haim Chibotero
iPhones in Israel & more

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