Thursday, August 05, 2010

PDF Security flaw in iOS 3.1.2 and above

Following the new jailbreak that is utilizing an online jailbreak (via surfing to a web page and downloading automatically a pdf file that is exploiting a hole in the iOS, while the user is not doing any thing else) couple of security companies have published that the exploit is bigger then what is seems and that an attacker can send you a malicious PDF that can ultimately even take full control of your iPhone with out you knowing it.

Apple has already started looking into a way to close this exploit, for now it's important not to download PDF you don't know from where it's coming.
You can also use this app from Cydia named "PDF loading warner" that after installation will be asking you if you want to open PDF files (so they won't automatically open - as its done today)

More info about this you can find in this following article from Calcalist (In Hebrew),7340,L-3413631,00.html

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  1. Seems that Apple already has a fix to this vulnerability and it will be released in the next OS update - no release date now