Monday, August 02, 2010

JailBreakMe - JailBreak your iPhone/iPod/iPad

It’s finally here all!
 The long-awaited jailbreak for iOS 4 is now out in the open and it’s called JailbreakMe. Those of you who’ve been jailbreaking their iPhones for a while will certainly remember JailbreakMe, it was used already in 2007 in the first iPhone "cracks"

JailBreak will allow you to run applications that are hosted outside of AppStore -  from Cydia and alike.
This is not the Unlock for your device to other cell operators.

In order to JailBreak your device, simply go to from your iPhone.iPod/iPad and follow the instructions. This is a 2 min process, nothing need to be download to your computer, all is done online and  you can’t go wrong with that.

BTW, the servers that are hosting this service has already crashed couple of times since the release.
JailbreakMe will work for every iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad starting at iOS 3.1.2. 

Based on the word out there, this will work till iOS 4.1 is out - so enjoy till then :)

Off course 1/2 hour after the break is out, there is also a movie, check this out ...

Some more updates from Engadget.


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