Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Deploying iPhone/iPad in your company

We all know that iOS 4 has been released for more then a month now & lot of people have already installed it (specially that we can now also jailbreak and unlock it).
Stuff that is less known, is that Apple have also improved her business management tool.

With the release of iOS 4 there is a new suite (mobile device management = MDM) that is providing similar features of BlackBerry to control all the iPhones "on the move"  from one location (its still not there - but they are working hard to get there)
One of the new changes that Apple has done with the new release, is to open it for different vendors that are taking this platform base and leverage it up with more features and ease of central management and control.

I have read that there are almost 10 vendors that are providing this type of solutions , while some of them already have a working solution and some will have it up and running till the end of the year.

If you are an IT Manager and would like to better control your iPhone community and tighten your company security policy, you should check out one of this two solutions:
Both this solutions allow you to configure the iPhone over the air.

Haim Chibotero

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