Friday, August 13, 2010

Another patch to fix the PDF vulnerability

As I wrote in my previous post, Apple has released iOS 4.0.2 that is meant to fix the PDF vulnerability (used by jailbreakme and by potential hackers).
The patch is also "breaking up" your jailbreak and unlock - so you need to redo all again
The patch is not fixing iPhone 2G or iPod first gen.

To the rescue came the Dev Team that have released their own patch that can be found on Cyida, and unlike Apple patch
- no need to update the iOS
- not "breaking" your jailbreak unlock
- it also patch the  iPhone 2G or iPod first gen that were left behind by Apple.

Haim Chibotero
iPhones in Israel & more

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  1. Btw, its funny that in order to be protected with older iPhones - you need to first jailbreak your device (so you can get Cydia) and then you can install the above patch.

    its unclear to me why apple are not supporting the old devices and why now all people with iPhone 3G need to update to iOS 4 which is still known to make their devices slower compare to iOS 3.1.3