Sunday, August 08, 2010

Add more power to your gmail

This is another sharing I am writing that is related to the "more" part of this blog.
Today, I came across a real nice free add-on to your gamil named Rapportive.

The tool is providing you more information on the person you are corresponding with in your emails.
The tool is providing you with public information such as:
- Social networks information about on person networks (LinkedIn , FaceBook, Twitter, Skype)
- Picture
- Job Title
- Flicker / MySpace
- Couple of last twits

This add-on is real nice and provides you lot of info and its real worth trying.
The tool is installed as an add-on to your web browser (IE, FireFox, Chrome...)

Btw, there is similar tool for your outlook (in case you don't work with gmail interface) something named Xobni

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