Wednesday, July 14, 2010

iPhone 4 - Recall ?

Hi All,
Well seems that Apple might send the word out to Recall all the iPhone 4 that were sold - we are talking about more then 2M devices so far.
Seems the reception problem is now looking as an hardware problem and not as a software problem.
The problem has been reported in lot of places and has reached also the news in lot of channels out there - so the pressure on Apple is very strong.

I think it will be wise if the decision will come before the sale of the device will start in more countries (today its being sold in US and other 4 countries)
I wonder if there will be any compensation to the people that now need to spend there time going to return the device and off course making sure that the backup is "working" when coming to restore the data to the new device.

See what CNN has to say about the problem  (possible solution to all of you that bought iPhone 4 till the Recall is out)

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