Friday, July 16, 2010

Hot news from Apple press release done today

Check out what was on Apple press conference

To quickly summarize what Steve G. said:

0. We LOVE our users (lets guess why ....)
1. The antenna problem has become a bigger story then its really is - also blackberry and HTC has the same problems (examples where given) - I didn't like this blames !
2.  Apple are going to get full refund to people that dont want their iPhone
3. Apple are going to give free cases to people and give a refund to people that already bought a case or other solution to solve the reception problem
4. Apple has sent out OS 4.0.1 that should solve the reception bars problem
5. More then 3M devices have been sold in 3 weeks !! (and this is b4 they started to sale it worldwide)
6. New iPhones will be sold on the end of July to more 17 new countries (Israel is NOT on the list) - the new iPhone is a "fixed" one already

Bottom line , all the reports about possible recall and alike are not true, I do think Apple is going to get out of this mess in an easy way and in another 3 weeks to come we will already see that more then 7M devices where sold, I think it just helped them get more buzz around the new iPhone and now also show that they care to what their user need ....

Love to hear what you guys have to say ???
Have a Gr8 weekend :-)



  1. Btw, I forgot to add the song that came out for this problem (that btw was played by Steve)!


  2. Here are the videos from the press conference - seems Apple where real fast to publish this...