Friday, October 22, 2010

Change your iPhone fonts

Let me start with an oppolgy of not updating the blog for awhile now (any case not in the same frequency I have been used to)  - I got tied with new projects at work , new Android phone that I got and upgraded to last OS version 2.2 (this wasn't easy as doing a jailbreak on unlock !!)

Any case, I have seen that an application I am using today named FontSwap (@ Cydia) that is allowing me to use other fonts on my old iPhone running OS 3.x will not work on iOS 4.x .

You can see an example on what I am talking about in this video.

Looking on this fact that I should get my iPhone 4 any day now, I was disappointend I can't change its fonts.
While browsing and looking around I came across this web site, that is explaining you what you should do in order to change the fonts on your iOS 4.x device. :)

This site is full of fonts you can use for your iPhone.

Haim Chibotero
iPhones in Israel & more

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